Beach Volleyball opens season in Spring Hill Tournament

Shelby Young (front) and Audrianna Hargitt (#16) combined for 24 kills and 25 digs in two matches on Saturday. (Photo by Wesley Lyle)
Shelby Young (front) and Audrianna Hargitt (#16) combined for 24 kills and 25 digs in two matches on Saturday. (Photo by Wesley Lyle)

GULF SHORES, Ala. – The first-year Huntingdon beach volleyball team opened the season on Saturday against a pair of Division I opponents in the Spring Hill Tournament.

The Hawks fell to the University of New Orleans 5-0 and lost to Jacksonville State University 5-0.

Against New Orleans (2-3), Huntingdon's first two teams played the closest matches against the third-year Privateers. Huntingdon's No. 1 team of Audrianna Hargitt and Shelby Young lost 21-15, 21-15 and the No. 2 team of Bria Rochelle and Alexis Creasman lost 21-15, 21-16.

The No. 3 team of Lexie DeVuyst and Alex Hillman fell 21-2, 21-9, the No. 4 team of Gabby Hughes and Kalen Morgan lost 21-9, 21-10 and the No. 5 team of Bethann Bullard and Samm Mamon lost 21-5, 21-12.

Against second-year Jacksonville State (1-8), the team of Hargitt-Young fell 21-12, 21-8, Rochelle-Creasman lost 21-17, 21-8, DeVuyst-Hillman lost 21-8, 21-4, Hughes-Morgan lost 21-10, 21-11 and Bullard-Mamon lost 21-14, 21-10.

For the day, Young finished with 15 kills and 16 digs and Hargitt had nine kills and nine digs. Creasman recorded 10 digs and 15 kills and Rochelle had 23 digs and nine kills.

DeVuyst finished the day with 17 digs and Hillman had 11 digs. Hughes turned in 11 digs and eight kills and Morgan had 14 digs. Bullard recorded 19 digs and Mamon finished with 14 digs and 13 kills.

Huntingdon returns to action in the Spring Hill Tournament on Sunday. The Hawks play Division II Eckerd College at 11 a.m. and Division I Austin Peay at 2 p.m.


Match Results

vs. University of New Orleans

No. 1: Cara Sanders-Victoria Corcoran (UNO)

      def. Shelby Young-Audrianna Hargitt (HC) 21-15, 21-15

No. 2: Veronica Corcoran-Blessing Dunn (UNO)

      def. Bria Rochelle-Alexis Creasman (HC) 21-15, 21-16

No. 3: Brook Frank-Rachel Kuhn (UNO)

      def. Lexie DeVuyst-Alex Hillman (HC) 21-2, 21-9

No. 4: Lauren Levy-Brianna Vega (UNO)

      def. Gabby Hughes-Kalen Morgan (HC) 21-9, 21-10

No. 5: Samantha Uline-Karly Baker (UNO)

      def. Samm Mamon-Bethann Bullard (HC) 21-5, 21-12


vs. Jacksonville State

No. 1: Katie Will-Jae-Lyn Visscher (JSU)

      def. Shelby Young-Audrianna Hargitt (HC) 21-12, 21-8

No. 2: Hannah Kirk-Charis Ludtke (JSU)

      def. Bria Rochelle-Alexis Creasman (HC) 21-17, 21-8

No. 3: Sadie Anderson-Maddie Cloutier (JSU)

      def. Lexie DeVuyst-Alex Hillman (HC) 21-8, 21-4

No. 4: Hailey Hughes-Rachel Perucki (JSU)

      def. Gabby Hughes-Kalen Morgan (HC) 21-10, 21-11

No. 5: Jennifer Hart-Shayla Schmidt (JSU)

      def. Samm Mamon-Bethann Bullard (HC) 21-14, 21-10