Media Policies 



Credentials: Media and photographer credentials for events at Huntingdon College may be obtained by working press, radio and television by contacting the Sports Information Department at All requests should be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the event, and must be on company letterhead or from a company email address. Credentials can be picked up on game day.

Photographers: Arrangements should be made with the Sports Information Department by anyone who wishes to video or photograph Huntingdon practices or games. A photo pass is required to take photographs or video at all Huntingdon College athletic events.

Media Interviews: All interviews with Huntingdon College student-athletes and coaches should be set up through the Sports Information Department. At no time will cell phone or home phone numbers be given out for any of our student-athletes. The best time to arrange interviews with student-athletes is in the afternoons on weekdays (when not interfering with student-athletes' class schedules). Interviews with coaches will be set up based on their individual schedules and will be facilitated through the Sports Information Department. Interviews at the conclusion of all home athletic events will be held after the NCAA-mandated 10-minute cooling off period.